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Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
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Welcome. We are a group of professionals available to help you with personal growth and development. Our mission is to help our clients develop skills and techniques to guide them through life’s challenges, and to teach classes that inspire, help to develop spiritual and personal growth and understanding, and allow the community to come together.

How To Raise The Next President

How To Raise The Next President
A Parent's Guide To Giving Your Kid The Secrets of Success

by Sally Sacks, M.Ed.

My book, “How to Raise the Next President”, shows parents what they need to know to raise healthy, happy and successful kids, as well as showing parents how to explore the ghosts in their own closets, that may be hindering effective parenting.

Hard Cover

E-book (epub & mobi).

Counseling Services

Marriage/Family Teen Individuals

Many people find themselves needing some kind of marriage or family counseling, but they're nervous about taking that first step. That's a natural reaction to the unexpected, but starting counseling doesn't have to cause anxiety.


It is not easy to be a teenager. Between demands of school, hormonal changes, social pressures etc. life can be hard. With drugs and alcohol at the fingertips, addiction can be common place.


It is always helpful to have a listening ear, but also someone to teach you strategies to cope with being human, and the challenges our own minds and simply living in the world present.

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Additional Services

Hypnosis Yoga Energy Therapy

Hypnosis is used to reduce pain, anxiety, fears, phobias, and used to promote weight loss, as well as end unwanted habits.


Stretches and Tangos is a movement studio that teaches yoga classes with a therapeutic twist. All classes are small and personal and geared toward optimal physical and mental health.

Energy Therapy

Reiki treatment balances you at every level, and anyone who needs calming energy due to life’s stressors can experience help and relaxation.

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