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Parenting Seminar
Now Being Offered Through Skype

Learn how your thinking and past experiences are programming your child for the future. Learn to change old patterns in yourself and your kids. Improve relations with your spouse. Learn how to teach yourself and your child to operate their mind, their biggest computer, to promote happiness, success, peace balance and freedom from fear. Support groups are held in a comfortable setting. Come have fun and learn from others.

Getting rid of the ghosts in the closet for parents of children birth to 11 years

Are you concerned that you're not the parent you want to be? This seminar is for parents of children birth to 11 years, and is based on the research in my book, “How to Raise the Next President.” In this seminar, you'll see that we are all products of our own parenting. Learn how everything you do and say is molding your child just as you learned from your parents. I'll teach you effective techniques and ways to change old patterns in you, you'll become a more loving, knowledgeable and effective parent. Learn through language, actions and other techniques to sponsor an emotionally developed child that will succeed in life.This seminar is fun, informative, and invaluable for any parents wanting to learn about emotional development, and how to sponsor it in their children.

The Essential Teen Seminar for all parents of teens age 12 and up

Are you a parent who needs help with your teen's behavior? You are not alone. In the Essential Teen Seminar, you will learn why teens behave as they do. You will learn the difference between normal teen behavior and abnormal teen behavior. There are certain behaviors, and thinking that are part of a teen’s normal development, which you may not understand- but there are, other behaviors and thinking that you should be concerned about. In this seminar, you'll learn the difference.

Feel like you've lost control of your teen? In the seminar, we will learn how to program our teens subconsciously for success. These Neuro-linguistic programming techniques will be taught to help you influence and change unwanted behaviors. Parents leave this 2-hour group with essential knowledge, hands on tools, and confidence in themselves, as well as renewed hope for their teens.

This is a must attend seminar for any parent of a teenager- one you can't afford to miss. Call 978-486-8046


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